- holding hands with nature -


Founded by Louise Smith, She Grows Wild is a growing community of emerging green thumbs, helping to guide us all back to a stronger connection with nature. She Grows is centred around the fulfilment and healing benefits that gardening can have. Bridging the gap between living a fast past, modern lifestyle but still keeping one foot outside in the natural world.

My Story

In 2016, I was suffering from PTSD & extreme anxiety which left me feeling deeply depressed. Somewhere in the midst of dealing with frequent night terrors & panic attacks I re-lived a favourite childhood memory of mine, which bought me great joy. The memory was of when I used to go into the garden & harvest potatoes with my Grandad, for my gran to cook for dinner. It was the first time I felt peace in months & although it didn’t last long, it gave me an idea - to start growing my own vegetable garden and so the next day my journey began..

Through gardening, I found a sense of purpose which overnight gave my life meaning. I didn’t know how to nourish and love myself, but I was able to love and care for my plants. Within a few months my greenhouse was overflowing with every shade of green and through them, I was in fact taking much better care of myself.

There are so many metaphors in nature that run true to our lives, but for me the process of watching something grow has taught me that even after the darkest of circumstances, I can bloom again. 

- Louise -