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10 Reasons Why I Garden

Gardening was never something I thought I would have any interest in. From the outside, it seemed like an elite club of the older generations and horticultural professionals - I couldn’t see where I would fit in. I had no training, qualifications or experience and was far too intimidated to ask for help. So I started small, in my parents back garden, sowing seeds in the same greenhouse my Grandad built for my Nan 15 years prior. From then on, I lost myself in a new world full of life, growth and nourishment. I started to learn at my own pace and soon became confident enough in my ability to apply for a job working a couple days a week. I don’t garden to be the best, I garden purely for myself. I hope more than anything you can see a small piece of yourself in my story, walk outside and perhaps start a garden of your own. For more insight, here are 10 reasons why I love to garden:

• To feel closer to nature

• To grow food for my loved ones

• To have a reason to spend all day outside 

• To give back to nature 

• As an act of self care

• To feel creative 

• To feel part of something bigger than myself 

• To have a reason to spend hours outside 

• It brings me joy to watch something grow 

• For my mental health 

The great thing is, the more time I immerse myself into nature, the longer my list of benefits seems to grow. So if you wish to experience any of the above but like me feel as if you have no idea what you’re doing, start simple. Pick up a packet of seeds in your local garden centre or order a few supplies online. Or even plant up a few flowers into a container and give it to someone you love. There is no need to rush learning! In the end I hope you are able to write your own list of reasons why gardening feels great for you. 

Louise Smith