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How I Stay Grounded

If you are anything like me, then you may sometimes find yourself feeling overwhelmed and highly sensitive to the pace of life. Although it may not feel like it, being sensitive is actually a really beautiful trait to bear. It means you can empathise with others, have a wild imagination and feel all kinds of emotions very deeply. In order for me to feel strong in my mind and body, I rely on going out into nature and grounding myself.

So, what does 'Grounding' mean? Well, to be grounded is to feel present in your body and fully anchored within your environment. The intention is to allow yourself to feel connected to the earth and all its stability. 

I find huge comfort in walking amongst forests, streams and woodland - gently inviting my senses to notice what is going on around me. Feeling my feet on the ground, touching the intricate lines within the bark on the trees, watching the wind caress the leaves and smelling the fresh rain on the earth. Physically touching a living thing reminds me that I am part of something beautiful and that it is also a part of me. 

A simple exercise I like to practice starts by leaning up on a tree and placing my feet on it's roots. I visualise my own 'roots' sinking deeper into the ground with every breath I take, whilst feeling the support of the tree on my back. If you feel uncomfortable doing this or it's too busy then try sitting at the base of the tree whilst reading a book or listening to music. Stay here for a while. Sit and just 'be'. When I tried this for the first time, I could only manage a few minutes. It felt so alien to not have my mind in overdrive. Now it fuels me with purpose and somedays I can do it for hours. 

Before I experienced mental health obstacles, I would never have dreamt of using nature as a tool to bring calm into my dayNow, I honestly cant imagine my life without it. Nature truly does heal and maintain the human body. 

So if you're feeling stressed, unenergised, anxious or all of the above, try sitting in nature and let it bring you home.  

Love Always, 

Louise x

Louise Smith