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Self Care // Garden Foraging

There is something about sitting in between day and night that brings gratitude to the forefront. As the golden rays of the evening sun rested on the horizon, I walked outside, placed my bare feet on the ground and took some time for myself. This is the time of day that I treasure most. It is when I feel most content. I started to take a moment for every living thing that was growing in the garden, from playful pink roses, to intensive indigo campanulas, all showcasing themselves so gracefully. The variety of colours that danced around the borders made me want to take a little piece of this heaven back inside the house with me. 

So I grabbed a bucket of water and incredibly blunt kitchen scissors (other scissors are advised...) before making my way to spots in the garden that grabbed my attention. I was not thinking about which colours would compliment each other, or how I was going to arrange them, I was simply moving with the moment. I believe that flowers will speak for themselves. I followed my instincts and gravitating towards colours that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, letting my senses do the decision making. Within no time at all, I had my bucket full of gorgeous cut flowers, including Salvias, Fennel, Sweet Rocket, Lilies, Valerians, Eryngiums, Lysimachia and Campanulas. 

The birds were starting to fly back to their nests for the night, cool evening air wrapped itself around my skin. My very impromptu self care moment had come to a natural end and I was left clutching a wild bunch of flowers as a gift to myself. I couldn’t help but realise that this was a feeling I didn’t experience often. I felt recharged. I was left with a rainbow of nature in my hand, reminding me that by aligning my body and mind, I am able to be fully present for myself. A small gift from me, to me. 

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Louise Smith