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Herbs For Healing // Sage

'Herbs For Healing' is a blog series where I will be sharing with you my most loved herbs and all their amazing benefits, whilst also giving you tips on how to grow them yourself! By definition, a herb is a plant with leaves, seeds and flowers which can be used for cooking, medicine, perfume and more! Growing your own herbs is one of the most satisfying parts of gardening. Nurturing a plant that will in turn nurture you, is such a rewarding process.

Sage // salvia officinalis

Sage is a beautiful herb - aromatic and punchy in flavour, combined a variety of healing benefits, it's no surprise that sage has been loved by cultures all over the world for centuries. The name Salvia was evolved from the Latin word 'salvere', which means to be saved. Due to its anti bacterial properties, sage is often used to treat cuts, grazes, cold sores and various skin conditions. Burning sage is also a powerful practice which can reset the energy around you and cleanse your space. 

How to Grow: 

Common Sage is a shrubby evergreen plant, native to coastal Mediterranean regions. It is a definite staple to have in the garden as it is inexpensive, low maintenance and will come back year after year! You can grow this guy in a pot or put him straight into the ground - just make sure you don't plant anything too close, as sage can spreads easily. Partial sun and shade would be an ideal spot in the garden, but if you don't space, it will grow nicely on the windowsill as long as it is in full sun. Any multi purpose compost will do the job. If you want to sow from seed then do so in the spring. You can harvest the leaves at anytime throughout the year. During summer they produce fluffy purple flowers which are adored by bees!

Ways to use:

- Use in cooking for meals such as stews, soups, & pasta dishes

- Make your own tea! (brew for around 15 minutes)

- Add a few drops of Sage essential oil to a bath or diffuser

- Burn sage around around the house to cleanse your surrounding energy


Louise Smith