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House Plants // My 2018 Collection

Over the past year, I’ve jumped onboard the house plant train and welcomed many new members into my plant family. It all started when winter came and I was spending increasingly less time outside. I use gardening as a way of maintaining my mental wellbeing, so I really wanted to make sure I was able to keep nurturing plants, despite the shorter and colder days. So with a quick google search and a trip to Homebase, I had my first Rubber Plant sitting nicely in my bedroom. Waking up in the morning and instantly seeing forest green foliage made me feel connected to nature within the first few seconds of my day - a gentle invitation back to reality. I am a true believer in making the space where you sleep & rest a place where you feel most at home. 

I had no idea what I was doing. I was (and still am) a bit of a novice when it comes to house plants as I have spent more time learning the ways of outdoor flowers and vegetables. However, there is one thing all living organisms need to thrive and that is love and care.  So with that in mind, I gradually became more confident with the conditions my plants needed to happy. This allowed me to practice daily mindfulness by tuning into the growth and changes that have taken place in each plant and making adjustments when needed. I love this method of learning, you’re able to progress at your own pace and without expectations, making each discovery a great one. 

I currently have 30 plants and counting, scattered around my bedroom and my favourite still has to be my rubber plant, although he has now outgrown me and almost touches the ceiling. It’s crazy how quick your kids grow up. In the brighter corners of the room live my Spider Plants, Aloe Vera, String of Pearls, Clivia, Calathea, and Areca Palm. It is rare that house plants need direct sunlight, which is great as this room in particular doesn’t get direct sun throughout the day but can hold a lot of light. Sitting in the darker corners of the room are my Monstera’s, Asparagus Fern, Devils Ivy, Chinese Money Plants and Blue Star Fern. Any young plants that I am propagating at the time are placed on the window sill. 

For anyone who is thinking about having house plants I would recommend starting small, with just a handful of plants that you could really get to know. It’s very easy to see a picture on Instagram and straight away want to have hundreds of trailing and climbing plants all over your bedroom, but don’t waste your money. Within a few weeks you might end up with a very sad looking jungle. Yes, house plants look incredibly trendy and aesthetically pleasing, but they need looking after. For now, I am happy with my little collection of leafy beauties but I am a sucker for rescuing sad plants from garden centres, so I doubt it’ll be long before I have to start moving them out of my bedroom. 

Louise Smith