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Messages From Autumn

With the arrival of autumn brings a wealth of reflection. The joy and the pain you have collected throughout the year has been resting on your being for some time now. Each memory a leaf to your branch, some heavier than others. Get ready to move with the seasons and to welcome change with open arms. Let go of all your leaves and devote all your energy into your roots. Where your true authentic self is nurtured. For the deeper your roots, the taller you can grow. Feel the wind on your naked skin as you watch each leaf drop to your feet one by one. As scary, frightening or even relieving this process feels, let it remind you that you can not simply be defined by your exterior. Illustrating that we all hold the power within ourselves to start again. 

The Autumnal Equinox has pulled day and night equidistance apart and now we dance to the rhythm of the earths balance. Granting us the chance to hear blissful harmonies of dark and light. Everything around is temporary, it’s just natures way. So let’s use this time to nestle deep into ourselves as the world around us prepares for preservation over the winter months to come. Protecting what we don’t want to lose. Surviving and thriving cohesively. The old leaves you once carried so close to your skin are starting to filter back into the ground beneath you. Decomposing into strength to hold on to. So that when you’re ready and the time is right, you can grow abundantly once more. 

Autumn - you are fearless, but we trust you.

photos by ryrexford

photos by ryrexford