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Organic Vegetable Garden Project #1

This year I am starting a new and exciting project in my back garden. I will be transforming an overgrown, currently unusable space, into a thriving vegetable garden. I aim to keep costs as low as possible, let nothing go to waste and to use the No-dig method. So I will not be disturbing the soil when getting rid of weeds. Instead, I will add nutrient-rich compost to the surface keep the weeds in darkness, causing them to lose their strength and die. Charles Dowding has a book and many great videos on this- I would highly recommend reading up on it.

Photo 10-10-2018, 15 10 29.jpg

Right before Christmas, the area was covered in almost every weed imaginable. Bindweed, check. Lambsquaters, check. Chickweed, CHECK! So it was obvious the first job that needed doing was to clear away as much as possible while creating two piles. One for garden waste (to put on the compost) and the other for wood/branches (might come in handy later). It took two friends and I nearly 3 hours to make a simple path to walk through and to break down the large barricade of stinging nettles.

Photo 10-10-2018, 16 09 00.jpg

My main desire for this project is to work with nature- not against it. So it very may well look a little rough around the edges and not Pinterest board worthy, but I am more than ok with that. I want it to be a space where I can be mindful and enjoy having a connection to the land around me. An abundant harvest would be a bonus!

Photo 10-10-2018, 15 54 58.jpg

So join me on this journey, turning an overgrown madness into something beautiful. I’ll be posting regular updates on the progress, keeping you in the loop on costs and sharing all the lessons that come with making your own vegetable garden.

Louise Smith