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Step Into Nature.

Helping twenty-somethings integrate nature into everyday living.


Do YOu know how to start a garden?

Stating a garden of your own however big or small can feel overwhelming. Whether you would love to grow vegetables, keep your house plants alive or arrange flowers for the home, there is a way to make it all possible!


About me

Louise Smith - Plant lover / Gardener / Florist

Louise started gardening when she was overcoming mental health issues in 2016. By connecting with nature and nurturing small pockets of life in her hands, she was able to find purpose once again. The joy that has come from this beautiful pairing is now something Louise wishes to share with as many people as she can.


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The healing benefits of nature:

Connecting with nature can be a really therapeutic experience. The benefits to your wellbeing are limitless and can help:

  • ease anxiety and stress

  • promote good mental health

  • practice mindfulness

  • you to switch off from modern life

  • you have a healthy mind, soul and body

  • you experience personal growth & purpose

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